Which is a Better Goa Vs Bali

By | January 14, 2020

Hello Guys, welcome to My new post In this post, I will different Between Goa Vs Bali. As You know Goa is an India Country and Bali is an Indonesia Country So this post I can Slove all The question About Goa and Bali.

Goa Vs Bali

Country India Indonesia
Currency INR  Indonesia Rupiah
Sea Both Both
Clean water is not Clean but No Sea Leaf water is Clear but Sea leaf is there.
Beaches Goa Again and again beaches Beaches More distance
Distance Goa is Each Beaches is No more Distance. Bali is More Distances.
Peoples Goa peoples have brainy but some amount of people are not brainy. Bali the people have brainy
Transport Through Train, Bus, and Flight Bali only one Option is Flight
Law & Order Goa law &Order are not maintained Bali law & order is strong.
Site seen Branches & Two and three waterfalls Bali has lot of variety like wildlife, monkey park, waterfall, Beaches.
Food Are Easy to Provide a Vegetarian food Bali It Provides minimum vegetarian Food But It’s More Server is See Food if you Like A see Food so Bali as Best Choice.
Duration 3 to 4 Travel 5 to 7 Days
Nightlife Both Night Both Night
Woman friendly Both equal Both equal
Water Sports some choice is Available Bali have Lot of Choices. If you are love for scuba dive so it is available
Price Comparison Naturally, Goa is an India State And travel in Minimum Budget Bali is More Express

I Do Believe I can Solve all the questions Like Price Comparison, Water Sports, Nightlife, Food. If you have any questions about Goa vs Bali please Comment Below. I am very happy to Slove the question.

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