Hello Friends, Welcome to my New post In this post I will be Aware of all My Traveler That is travel to Thailand. So This Has a Top 6 Scams in Thailand. Please read a Full Post and Than Comment below for Anything type of Information about Thailand.

Top 6 Scam in Thailand

1. Ring a Bell Scam

This is Not Scam but It’s a mistake for Yourself. In India, Many places like Pizza Hut, temple Ring a Bell But Thailand Ring Bell Mean When You are A Bear Bar and Ring a Bell You Can Invite All The peoples in The Bear Bar To enjoy A One Drink For Yourself. If You are Not Fulfill Anyone does not help You Because Thailand peoples are True of Traditional.
Solved:- Don’t Ring a Bell

The Taxi Scam:- This Scam is Starting When you have entered Thailand. Because You have not a Sim and Internet and When You go to Hotel You Can Need A Taxi. When you can Stop any Taxi and he calls you more money at the existing rate.

Solved Free Way:- When You Travel International You Can Activation an International Roaming on Existing Sim.

Paid Way:- You Can Buy A new Sim on Thailand Airport. Top 6 Scams in Thailand

Top 6 Scam in Thailand

2. Tuk-tuk  Scam 

This scam is Generally Start like Most of the people are Sit on Tuk-tuk Without Information of Charges of Tuk Tuk. After can have a Decide Locate. The Tuk Tuk Drive More of Money like Existing Rate of the Same Place.

Solved:- Avoid
Taxi Need: Grab

Top 6 Scam in Thailand

3.Grand Place Scam

When You are Travel a Famous place in Thailand. You Need a Taxi And Taxi Driver Told You This Place is Closed Today. He told You Thailand Most of the temple and bar are visit. He asked very minimum Money of travel like an Existing Rate.

Who Can Earn A Taxi Driver?
Firstly you can Travel a Temple after that He Go a Shop like Clothing Shop and Told you he is the best Clothing Brand of Thailand. You are interested and Buy Some Good he can Also a Commission of a Taxi Driver. This Process Regularly works. If You Cannot Buy Something he also a Flights.

Wrong Change Scam

4. Wrong Change Scam

This scam is Started when buying Something like chip and you are given money and Thai shop give wrong Changes like 10 to 30 batt Minimum.

Solved:- when you buy something and keep check a Money property.

Bike and Jet ski Scam

5.Bike and Jet ski Scam 

when going to Thailand and you wish to drive a Bike and Jet Ski and The own told You Submit a Some money like 100 batts and Your passport-like security Reason. Before You can drive a Bike and Jet ski he can see Some Fake scratches on bike and Jet Ski.

Solved:- Firstly Make a Video of Bike and Jet Ski and The own also See Scratches.

Top 6 Scam in Thailand

5.Lady Drink Scam

This Scam is very popular and Common Scam.
When you wake on Road and Some people ask you only 100 batts You have one Bear and Bear Free entry. And You Can go there Before one or two Girls are Coming on there are he asked and you asked a You have a Drink and he is Agree and She is ordered a Drink. This drink is not a drink is a fake drink like a lemon drink, juice, and a cold drink. This drink Costs a minimum of 1000 to 3000 batt.

Solved:- After going to a Bar so Anyone Come and told You I need Drink and
Bater Come You Can Confirm A rate of Drink. If You are Pay a Drink Bill and definitely invite a Drink. If you, not pay so you directly Girls to told Order Other Thing.

Love Scam

6.Love Scam is op 6 Scams in Thailand

This Scram is generally Started go When you wake on Road, street, Bar, and Club. One Girl Follow You and he meets again and again. Before the meeting, again and again, your mobile Numbers are Exchange. After Travel on Thailand, you have also a call. And You think a girl is really Like You and after Some Time You and She Asked why You are a work bar and club.she asking You my family is poor and he asking You Please give me Some Money and You can also send money because you think She is Love You.

Solved:- When you go to Thailand and enjoy but not fall in love.

This post I will share Top 6 Scams in Thailand and Many more scams like this.

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