Hey friends, In this post, I will provide information about the Serbia visa for Indian and the Capital of Serbia. You will find all the answers to his question in this post.

Serbia Visa on Arrival Indian Citizen Document Required.

  • Passport That is 6 Month Valid.
  • Passport size Two Photography.
  • Return Ticket within 30 Days. Serbia Provide Only 30 Days Visa on Arrival.
  • Hotel confirm
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cash Sufficient like 50 Euro Per Person/per day.

Many peoples are Now Serbia is Only one Europe Country. That Provides to India passport Holder for Visa on arrival. But now he is very difficult because some Of a reason Like Indian peoples are Cross a Border. So read a Full post I can Slove the Query related.

What is the reason Serbia deporting Indian Citizen

  • Not Complete Documents.
  • 100 India Peoples are Travel in Serbia Only 10 Persons are Return.
  • The Travel Insurance Minimum 30,000 Euro.

These are some of the questions in the mind of the Visa Officer.

  • Don’t Travel Solo because the Visa officer thinks You can not go back
  • Dressing You were well dressing & presentation skill
  • Body language
  • If you have a Fresh Passport So I suggested Make a Travel History.
  • Travel History means You are travel Like 3 to 10 Countries
  • Do not communicate Anyone That asked to Cross a Border Because Everywhere it has a Mike

You are sure to Complete a Document.

Serbia visa for Indian

Serbia Visa for Indian

Tips to Increase The Visa Chance of Serbia 

Tips to Increase The Visa Chance of Serbia

If You are traveling a solo and Working in Government and Private Companies So You can make a NOC Letter and that letter are shown By Visa officer.

If you do not Work in Government & private Companies so You have a GST Form are Show by Visa officer.

If you are going to visit Sarabia, then you should give the Comment Below For Serbia Travel Itinerary.

If You Are complete all the Documents and All the things that are Discuss on the post So you can Go to Serbia. If you have Any friends are going to Serbia So please Share A post To your Friend Because I sure that posts are really Help Full.

Visa on Arrival for Indian Passport

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Some Basic Information About Serbia.

Serbia is a Europe Country.

Capital of Serbia

Serbia Capital name is Belgrade

What is the name of Serbia Currently Serbian Dinar

What is in which country?

The Republic of Yugoslavia.

What is the Population of Serbia?

Serbia Population (2017) is 70.2 Lakh.

Places to Visit in Serbia

Belgrade, Novi Sad, Temple of Saint Sava, Tara, Mokra Gora, and Lot More Places.

I hope I will provide All the information about Serbia Visa for Indian and Capital of Serbia and Places to Visit in Serbia and also Serbia Visa on Arrival For Indian Citizens

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