KiHello friends, I am going to talk in this post. About a country on the island.Whose name is Srilanka and Best places to Visit in Srilanka.How to Travel Srilanka 10 Day for 25000 rs Budget.

Sri Lanka Country Basic Information.

Srilanka is a South Asia Country and Island Basic. Talking about the total Population of Sri Lanka, it is just 2.14 crores.Talking about the capital of Sri Lanka, he is Colombo.Talking about Sri Lanka,There are two Capital.The first is named Colombo and second is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.But the most famous of these two is Colombo.

1 INR = 2.51 Srilankan Rupee

There are Some Famous Places to Visit In Srilanka.

  1. Colombo
  2. Kandy
  3. Galle
  4. Ella
  5. Dambulla

In this post, I will be telling you how you can spend in 10 days and 25 thousands budget on these popular Places.And in the last I will tell you by total.

let’s Start How to Travel and See Best Places to visit in Srilanka By Day by Day Itinerary.

Day 1 in Srilanka

On the first day you will go to Colombo through flight from India. After that you will have to take Visa on Arrival which you will get for free.After taking Visa on Arrival you will have to take a local SIM which will be available for 500 Sri Lankan rupees.The distance from Colombo to Center City is about 35 kilometers.For this, you will have to take a bus which will be available in 150 Rupees.After reaching Central City, some popular places can Travel like

  • Gangaranmaya Temple is 2.2 Km for Center city
  • Gihara maha devi park is 2.4 Km for Center city
  • National Museum is 2.7 km for Center city
  • Red Masjib is 3.4 Km for Center city
  • Colombo Dutch Museum is 3.6 Km for Center city
  • Independence Square is 3.6 Km for Center city
  • Galle Face Green Beach is 4.1 km for Center city
  • Colombo Harbour is 4.5 Km for Center city
  • After this enjoy Night Life.

Day 2 in Sri Lanka

On the second day, you will leave for the Colombo from kandy, whose total journey is 123 kilometers.

Kandy Places to Visit

Kandy lake only for 4 Mintues walk.

Temple of Sacred Tooth only for 10 Mintues Walk.After doing these activities, your seconds will be completed.
If You Have 4 To 5 Day Of Trip So You can Visit Colombo and Kandy places to visit in Srilanka.

Day 3 in Sri Lanka

At the beginning of the third day, you can walk around some more famous of Kandy.
Some Famous Places like

  • Royal Place of Kandy
  • National Museum of Kandy
  • Udowattakele forest
  • Royal Botanical Garden

Your third day ends after seeing the famous place of Kandy.

Day 4 in Sri Lanka

At the beginning of the fourth day, it will now come out 140 kilometers from the Kandy, at a place called Ella.

Ella Places to Vist

  • Ella Rock is 1 km to Center City.
  • Rawana Falls
  • Little Adams Peak.

Day 5 in Sri Lanka

On the fifth day you can see that you can see other places and visit the local market and do local shopping.

Day 6 in Sri Lanka

On Six day you will return for the Ella again.You can see the rest of Kendy and explore the local market.

Day 7 in Sri Lanka

At the beginning of the seventh day, you will have to go 74 kilometers from the kandy, which is named Dambulla.
Famous Places to Visit in Dambulla

  • Dambulla Cave Temple is only 5 Mintues walk.
  • Pidurangola Rock
  • Sigriya
  • Minneriya National Park
  • Pidurangala
  • Pidurangala Vihara
  • Hurula Eco park

Day 7 in Sri Lanka

At the beginning of the seventh day you will now see things that you not have seen Dambulla.In the evening or the next day you can leave for Dambulla to Gali. Which distance of 257 km.

Day 8 in Sri Lanka

On the eighth day you will Explore a some famous places.

  • Galle Light House is only 3.9 km for main center.
  • Galle Dutch Fort 3.6 km for center City
  • Jungle Branch 6.0 km only
  • Japanese peace Pagoda 6.2 km for main center.

Day 9 in Sri Lanka

On the ninth day, you will seen rest of place and Enjoy a jungle Branch sunset.

Day 10 in Sri Lanka

On tenth day, and will come back from Galle to Colombia, which is their difference, it becomes a 148 kilometer. See rest of things. And Evening Came back to India.

Questions About Srilanka

What is the Capital of Srilanka

There are Two Capital of Sri Lanka is Jayawardenepura Kotte and Colombo

Srilanka  Currently To INR

1 INR = 2.53 Srilanka Rupess

What is a Srilanka National Bird

Sri Lankan jungle fowl

Srilanka Official Language

Two Official Language are Tamil and Sinhala

Srilanka Visit Cost

Recent Time No Cost

Srilanka Tourism Places

Srilanka Tourism places are Colombo,Kandy,Galle,Ella,Dambulla

Srilanka ki Rajdhani

There are Two Capital of Sri Lanka is Jayawardenepura Kotte and Colombo

Srilanka rupess to INR

2.53 Srilanka Rupess = 1 INR

Srilanka Visa on arrival

Indian Can Travel Visa on Arrival. For Information About Visa

Srilanka Trip Express like this.

1Flight Ticket Price15625
2Hostel Price Colombo With Breakfast415
3Local Sim Sri Lanka500
4Bus Colombo to Kandy250
5Bus Kandy to Ella1000
6Bus Kandy to Ella Return1000
7Bus Kandy to Dambulla price500
8Bus Dambulla to Galle price900
9Bus Galle to Colombo price400
10Kandy Hostel for 2 Day With Breakfast450
11Ella Hostel for 2 Day with Breakfast680
12Dambulla Hostel 1 Day300
13Galle Hostel for 2 Days1000
14Food For Srilanka Trip1000
15Bus,Taxi for local View1000
16Grand Total Of Srilanka25020

I have added on the rs 1000 of food because the breakfast I had with the hostel was free there, so I will be add one thousand rupees.

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I Think So I can Explain All the Famous Places to Visit in Srilanka. If you have some information about Srilanka Visa related and Any other Country so Please Comment Below

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