Here A Information about 40 Best Places to Visit in South Goa and How to Reach Goa and Places to Visit     in Goa South with Distances &Trips

As in Goa, two parts are very famous, a North Goa and Other One is South Goa. You can enjoy a lot of things in South Goa and I will tell you which place you have visited South and what you can see and how much distance will these places remain

If you are going with family then you should go to South Goa

If you are going for a honeymoon then Goa South will be special for you.

This is because North Goa is more popular for Solo travel and party and in South Goa, you will get to see more than family and honeymoon couples because less people go there.

There are 40 Best Places to Visit in South Goa.

  1. Colva Beach
  2. Vasco De Gama
  3. Dudhsagar Falls
  4. Agonda Beach
  5. Palolem Beach
  6. Silent Noise Club
  7. Benaulim
  8. Butterfly Beach
  9. Mobor Beach
  10. Netravali Bubbling lake
  11. Bogmalo Beach
  12. Arossium Beach
  13. Varca Beach
  14. Colombo Beach
  15. Assolna
  16. Cavelossim Beach
  17. Loutolim
  18. Patnem Beach
  19. Chandor
  20. Majorda beach
  21. Cabe de Rama Fort
  22. Lepard Valley Club
  23. Kakolem Beach
  24. Bamanbudo waterfall
  25. Contigo Wildlife Sanctuary
  26. Hollant Beach
  27. Down the Road
  28. Chapel Of the lady Of the Mount
  29. Betal Batim Beach
  30. Rivona Caves
  31. Polem Beach
  32. Betul Beach
  33. Wax World Museum
  34. Naval Aviation Museum
  35. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary & Millen National Park
  36. Talpona beach
  37. Cola beach
  38. Netravali Bubbling lake
  39. Dona Paula Beach
  40. Bambolim Beach

Now I am going to tell 40 Best Places to Visit in South Goa and how you can roam here and how far is every place and what can you see by going there.

Colva Beach goa partyColva Beach

Activities:- Full Moon Party, Dolphin

Spotting, Swimming

Distance :- Casino Pride to Colva Beach is 35 Km

Vasco De Gama

SnorkelingActivities:- Snorkeling, Kayaking visiting Nawal Activation Museum

Distance:- Colva Beach to Vasco de Gama is 25 Km

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar waterfallActivities:- Rock Climbing, Swimming, and Trekking

Distance:- Colva to Dudhsagar Water 57 Km

Agonda Beach

Dolphin spotting goaActivities:- yoga, Meditation, Dolphin spotting and Hiking

Distance:- Mobor Beach to Agonda Beach is 32 Km

Palolem Beach

Activities:- Swimming, Boat Trips, Dolphin Spotting, and Yoga.

Distance:- Agonda Beach to Palolem Beach is 8 Km

Silent Noise Club

Dolphin spottingActivities:- Dance, Drink, Party

Distance:- Agonda Beach to Silent Noise Club is 10 km


Activities:- Seafood, Spot Dolphin

Distance:- Silent Noise Club to Benaulim is 40 Km

Butterfly Beach

Activities:- Canoeing Boating, Rock Climbing, Sunbathing

Distance:- Benaulim to Butterfly beach is 38 Km

Mobor Beach

Activities:- Water Skiing, jet Skiing, Winds u fing

Distance:- Butterfly Beach to Mobar Beach is 34 Km

Bogmalo Beach

Jet skiing Goa..Activities:- Suna Diving, Swimming, Jet skiing

Distance:- Mobor Beach to Bagmalo Beach is 37.5 Km

Arossium Beach

Distance:- Bogmalo Beach to Arossium Beach is 14.8 Km

Activities:- Shop for Vintage Furniture, Indulge In Goan Cuisine, Relax at Resorts

Varca Beach

Swimming On SeaActivities:- Water sport, Swimming, Visit Dunes Casino

Distance:- Arossium Beach to Varca Beach is 18 Km (Around)

Colombo Beach

Distance:- Varca Beach to Colombo Beach is 37 Km

Activities:- Indulge In a Romantic Evening and Enjoy Kashmiri Cuisine


Activities:- Shopping For Jewellery and Visit The Portuguese Places

Distance:- Se Cathedral to Assolna is 46 Km

Cavelossim Beach

Activities:- Shop For Trinkets, Visit Resorts and Enjoy The Sunset

Distance:- Assolna to Cavelossim Beach only 4 Km


Activities:- Salvador de Mundo Church and Visit Big Foot Museum

Distance:- Cavelossim Beach to Loutolim is 25.9 Km

Patnem Beach

Activities:- Spa, Swimming, and Shopping

Distance:- Loutolim to Patnem Beach 47.1 Km


Activities:- Portuguese Mansion and See the headless Nandi Bull Built-in 11 Th Century Bc

Distance:- Patnem Beach to Chandor 38 Km

Majorda Beach

Activities:- visit Macde Dev’s Church and water sports

Distance:- Chandor to Majorda Beach 19 Km

Cabe De Rama Fort

Distance:- Majorda beach to Cabe de Rama Fort 36.7 Km

Caba de Rama FortActivities:- See Church of Santo Antonio

Leopard Valley club

Distance:- Cabe de Rama Fort to Lepard Valley 19 Km

Activities:- Enjoy Laser Light show and Firepits

Kakolem Beach

Distance:- 12 Km for Leopard Valley Club

Activities:- Some Water Sports Activities and Sunset

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Activities:- Relax in the Gorgeous Natural Surrounding, Bird Watching and Photo op

Distance:- 33 km from Kakolem Beach

Contigo Wildlife Sanctuary

Activities:- Nature Walks, Hiking, Wildlife Spotting

Distance:- Bamanbudo Waterfalls to Cotigoa Wild 14 Km

Hollant Beach

Distance:- Manor Beach To Hollant Beach 32 Km

Activities:- Kayaking, Stroll in the Beach, Swimming and Watching Sunrises

Down the Road

Activities :- pub,Party

Distance:- Down the Road to Hollant 29 Km

Chapel of our lady of the Mount

Activities:- Church Monte Music Festival

Distance:- Down to Road to Chapel 13 Km

Betal Batim Beach

Activities:- Relaxing on the Sands, Dolphin Spotting, water skiing, and Water Skiing

Distance:- 34 Km from Chapel of our Lady of the Mount

Rivona Caves

Distance:- Cavelossim Beach to Rivona Caves 25 Km

Activities:- Sea Caves, take Some Pictures of the Lovely scenery and enjoy Peaceful Moment of Solitude

Polem Beach

Activities:- Paddling, Strolling, dolphin rides, meditating, swimming, and Water Scooter.

Distance:- 47 Km from Rivona Caves

Betul Beach

Activities:- Cruise, Enjoy Peacefully,Scenic Beauty, Fishing and picnics

Distance:- Mobar Beach to Betul Beach 3 Km

Wax World Museum

Activities:- Fascinating

Distance:- 48 Km from Mobar beach

Naval Aviation Museum

Explore The Various Exhibits Displayed here.

Distance:- 35 Km Away Cavelossim Beach.

Cavelossim Beach

Activities:- Water Sport, Banana ⛵ Boat Ride, and Parasailing.

Distance:- Near from Cavelossim.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary & Millen National Park

Things to do:- Trekking, wildlife spotting and Nature Walks

Distance:- Only 11 Km from Mollen Goa

Talpona beach

Activities:- Bird Watching, sunset View and Sun Bathing

Distance:- Agonda Beach to talpona Beach 15 Km

Cola beach

Distance:- Talpona Beach to Cola Beach 10 Km

Activities:- watch Sunset, relish seafood and drink

Netravali Bubbling lake

Activities:- Enjoy Bubble Lake.

Distance:- Colo Beach to Netravali Bubbling 31 Km

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Dona Paula Beach

Dauna BeachDistance:- Netraval Bubbling lake to Dona Paula Beach 7 Km

Activities:- Enjoy Beach and Water sports

Bambolim Beach

Activities:- Parasailing, hatching and Sunset and Beach

Distance:- Dona Paula beach to Bambolim Beach 6 Km

Agonda Beach

As I have given you information about 40 Best Places to in roam South Goa but now I give you information about 10 Best Places to Visit in South Goa. In which most tourists go for a walk.

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Top 10 Popular Places to visit in South Goa

  1. Dona Paula Beach
  2. Colva Beach
  3. Betalbatim Beach
  4. Cola Beach
  5. Vasco De Gama
  6. Dudhsagar Falls
  7. Agonda Beach
  8. Palolem Beach
  9. Silent Noise Club
  10. Butterfly Beach

If you have 2 or 3 Days of South Goa so you can Visit Top 10 Places to visit in South Goa. I have chosen these places because the most tourist here goes to South Goa and here you will get the most tourist to see if you have two or three days, then you go to this place. Now you can enjoy the whole of South Goa.

I Hope You like a Post of 40 Best Places to visit in South Goa and Please share a Post on your Friends and Family Members.

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