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There are 35 Best Places to visit in North Goa.

  1. Vagator Beach
  2. Anjuna Beach
  3. Calangute Beach
  4. Arambol Beach
  5. Mandrem Beach
  6. Fort Agvade
  7. The church if Mae De Dev’s
  8. Temple of Bogdeshwara
  9. Chapora Fort
  10. Casino Palm
  11. Mv Caravela
  12. Casino Pride
  13. Anjuna Market
  14. Miramar Beach
  15. Siridao Beach
  16. Arpora Ponda
  17. Mapusa Market
  18. Bicholim
  19. Club Cabana
  20. Sinq Night Club
  21. Aquada beach
  22. Baga Beach
  23. Bom Jesus Basilica
  24. Chera Island
  25. Grand Island
  26. Club LPK
  27. Morjim Beach
  28. Querim Beach
  29. Coco Beach
  30. Vainguin im Beach
  31. Mangueshi Temple
  32. Goa State Museum
  33. Butterfly Beach
  34. Done Paula Beach
  35. Aguada Fort

If you have a lot of time, then you can roam in these 35 places, but the foreigners come from outside India, they do not have that much time. To roam the whole of Goa, I will request you to go to this place where you can see the popular place of Goa and you can visit the nightlife, parties, Casinos and the activity service that is there.

How to Reach Goa.

In Goa, you can go through all three ways like Flight, Bus, and Train. If you go by train. There are some Trains Names like The Rajdhani Express, Sampark Kranthi, Bikaner Express, and Gandhidham Express. If you go by these trains, you will reach the Margao Railway Station. Panaji, which is the capital of Goa, 39 kilometers away from the railway station.

So if you take a taxi, then you will have to spend a ₹1000 to 1500 Rupees, but I will tell you how you can go cheap. After reaching the railway station, you take the local bus there, which will now give your ₹ 25 Rupees To 100 Rupees.

After reaching Panaji, you can also Scooter & Bike to him, whose cost will be charged to you at ₹ 350 per day. In Panaji, you will easily find a scooter or bike on rent. The number of days you can take your scooter. Because its cost is less and petrol is much cheaper in India like₹ 65 to 100 Rupees.

If you come from Goa Through Flight, you will be dropped at Dabolim International Airport. From there you will get a bus which will be Drop you Calangute Beach. The fare for the Calangute beach is rs 100 to 150 INR. Calangute Beach is Famous Places to Visit in North Goa.

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There are Some Popular Places to Visit in North Goa.

  • Baga Beach
  • Calangute Beach
  • Aguada Fort
  • Chapora Fort
  • Casino Pride
  • Immaculate Conception Church
  • Miramar Beach
  • Dona Paula Beach
  • Casino pride 2
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Sandhu Beach House
  • Vagator Beach
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
  • Se Cathedral

This awakened something special, if you are going to Goa then if you do not go to this place then your trip will not be complete.

Now I am going to tell you how you can roam and Places to Visit In North Goa.

Baga Beach Famous GoaBaga Beach

In the up list, I have placed Baga Beach at number one. Because most people visit this place to roam in North Goa, then you will find the most tourists to see this place. Baga Beach is open 24 hours. In Baga Beach, you will get to see 24 hours tourist and Baga Beach is famous for its nightlife and water sports activities. Come to the local market near Baga Beach where if you want to buy for some love one then you can also buy it. The distance of Panaji to Baga Beach is 19 KM.

Calangute Beach GoaCalangute Beach

The difference between Baga Beach to Calangute Beach is about 1 kilometer. You can get a hotel on Calangute beach as Calangute beach will be available here cheaply and food here is quite cheap, you will get one time meal for ₹ 130. By the way, Baga Beach is quite famous. In the same way, Calangute beach is also very famous. In place of North Goa. There are Some activities like Water Sports Activities, Boating, Water Skiing, and Parasailing.

Aguada FortAguada Kot

This fort was built by the Portuguese in the 17th Century. There was a lot of time rule in Goa, so you will get to see most of the people of Jesus religion there. There is a lighthouse to see here and you will get a ticket for ₹ 25. This is a beautiful Place to Visit in North Goa.

Sandhu Beach House

The distance of Aguada Fort to Sandhu Beach House is 4 kilometers, so after driving 4 kilometers you will have to go to see Sandhu Beach.

Chopora FortChapora Fort

Chapora Fort is a very famous place, in the case of a tourist, a lot of tourists go to see this place and this place is quite beautiful and also See Chapora Beach. Chapora Beach is a white sand. The Distance of Sandhu Beach to Chapora Fort is 18 Km.

Vagator Beach

At a distance of just 1 kilometer, you will get to see Vagator Beach. Very few people go to this beach compared to the rest of the Beaches, but this beach is also very beautiful.  If You are looking for a place where you can have less peoples and enjoy yourself and enjoy the beach while drinking coffee, then Vegator   beach which the best places for you.

Anjuna BeachAnjuna Beach

You can Travel 6 Km From Vagator beach to Anjuna Beach. Anjuna Beach Some Activities like parasailing, Jet Ski & Banana Boat ride. All these things you can do at Anjuna Beach. Anjuna Beach is a Complete Places to Visit in North Goa.

Caisno Pride

Casino Pride

If you come to Anjuna Beach to Casino Pride then you will have to drive 21 km. If you come to Casino Pride from Calangute Beach, then you have to drive only 14 kilometers. You know the place I have so far that you cannot roam in one day, so I advise you to take your hotel near Calangute Beach as you can easily roam the rest of the place. If you are going to go to Goa then it is necessary for your Casino because if you do not go to the casino, you will not enjoy Goa real. This a Best Places to Visit in North Goa.

Casino Pride 2 Floating CasinoCasino Pride 2 Floating Casino

This is the difference between Casino Pride 1 and Casino Pride 2. In Casino Pride 1, you can play casinos by going to hotels built near the sea. In Casino Pride Two, you can play the casino on the moving Cruise And this is the difference between the two Casino Is 1 kilometer.

Immaculate conception ChurchImmaculate Conception Church

At a distance of about 2 kilometers, you will get to see the Immaculate Conception Church. It is also a historical place built by the Portuguese during his reign.

Miramar BeachMiramar Beach

Just like Baga Beach too many people go for a walk, in the same way, a lot of people come to visit my Miramar Beach. This place is Famous for Festival Activities and Shopping. This place is 5 Km away from Immaculate Conception Church.

Dona Paula BeachDona Paula Beach

Done Paula Beach is Quite beautiful and a lot of tourists go to see this place. If you have been to Goa, you need to visit this place. This place is at a distance of 3 kilometers. You can do water sports activities by going here.

Don Paula View point  Don Paula Viewpoint

Just like the name of which place is the viewpoint, similarly by visiting this place, you can see the entire view of the sea. This location is 1 Km away from Dona Paula Beach.

Basilica Of Bom JesusBasilica of Bom Jesus

Like I told you, there are more people of Jusu religion then similarly this place which is at a distance of 10 kilometers of immaculate conception church. If you are a tourist then you can go for a tour of this place.

Se cathedralSe Cathedral

This place is just 300 meters from Basilica of Bom Jesus. This place was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. If you are coming to visit the place of Basilica of Bom Jesus, Then you can also visit this place. This place is quite close and you can roam both places together.

It 15 special place which is the most visited place At North Goa.

If you have 2 Days For Places to visit in North Goa and North Goa Sightseeing Places.

So You Can Visit Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Aguada Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral. This is The Best Places to Visit in North Goa.

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If you are going to Goa for the first time and that too, you are going to roam alone, then North Goa is the best place for you to roam.

There are more places to visit in North Goa. If you want more information about this, then comment to me, I will give all the information for you and in a new post about the rest of the places.

If Hope You Like a Post of Places to Visit in North Goa. If this post is helpful for you, then share this post with your friends so that they too can get information about Goa and roam these beautiful places of North Goa.















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