Best Places to Visit in Malaysia & Visa on Arrival

HuIn this post, I am going to talk about Malaysia Country and together with it, How can you travel 5 days in a budget of just 10000? And Also places to Visit in Malaysia

Talking about Malaysia, Malaysia is South East Asian Country.Used in Malaysia, the currency say Malaysia Ringgit.The capital of Malaysia is called Kuala Lumpur.Talking about Malaysia’s population, it is 3.16 crore.

1 Ringgit = 18 Inr Rupees

Basic Information about Malaysia Visa How to apply

You must have a passport which is 6 months Vaild.

You must have three photographs. Malaysia Visa Photo Size is 3.5cm×5cm.

Your flight ticket must be confirmed.

Malaysia Visa Fee RM 20

After collecting all these documents, you can go to Malaysia Embassy and submit the document.

If you want to do your online, now you can link to Musafir.com, whose link I am giving you

Malaysia Visa on Arrival

Indians get Visa on Arrival in Malaysia, for this you have to complete some terms and conditions.

These terms change with the condition time. Therefore, I am also giving you a link to the Vfs global now. By which you can check online.

After the visa, I started to tell you how you can spend a day in Malaysia, that too in the budget of 17000.

Day 1 in Malaysia

If you live in any corner of India, you can now take a ticket to Kula Lumpur in Malaysia.I support that you reached the International airport Name is Kula Lumpur. After arriving at the airport, you will now get a SIM so that you people can access the internet tomorrow.After that You will have to take a local bus which will take you to the main city. The main city from the international airport is the difference of 6 kilometers. After that you can go to your hostel or hotel. After this you may want to see the KL tower so that you will get to see City View. The entry fee for visiting the Kl tower will be ₹ 480.

Day 2 in Malaysia

You can start the second day from a very popular place in Malaysia. whose name is PETRONAS Tower. Talking about it, it is the world’s largest twin tower.To go where you have to pay the entry fee which is rs 750. After this you can go See Aquaria.Talking About Aquaria ,it comes in Top Five Asian Aquaria.To travel in Aquaria, you have to pay ₹ 560 Entry fee PETRONAS Tower is a Most Famous places to Visit in Malaysia.

IMAGE OF Petnoras Tower

Image of Zoo Negara

Night go to Jalan Alor For Nightlife enjoy.

Day 3 in Malaysia

You can start a day third from the Historical Hindu temple in Malaysia. That Name is Batu Caves. Here you can see the lot of Hindu’s Historical temple. After this you can go for Zoo Negara. If you are going to here with the children, then the children will enjoy it a lot.You will also be happy to see children. After that You can Go to National Museum. Batu Caves Is Most Famous places to Visit in Malaysia.

Image of Batu caves

Day 4 in Malaysia

Can you start the fourth day at Half City Tour Kalampur?. Whose cost is only ₹ 580.After this you can enjoy the local market. And in the evening you can now leave for the resort world Genting from Kalampur. Genting is 56 Km way of Kuala Lumpur. For this you will have to take a bus which will cost you from 200 to ₹ 180.

Day 5 in Malaysia

Awana Sky Way Gondola

Chin swee Temple

After both these activities, you can now go to Skytropolis Indoor theme 10 minutes away from here. The cost of Entry Is 1142.

Day 6 in Malaysia

Back Kuala Lumpur.

After coming back from there, you can go shopping for your family and in the evening can catch a flight and come back to India.

Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

  • KL Tower
  • PETRONAS Tower is Tallest Tower in The World.
  • Aquaria is top Five in Asia with 90 Meter water long Under tunnel.
  • Jalan alor For Nightlife.
  • Batu Caves Historical Places
  • Zoo Negara
  • National Museum for History of Malaysia.
  • Chin Swee Temple with riding of Awana Sky Way Gondola.

Question & Answer About Malaysia

Malaysia Ringgit To INR

1 Ringgit = 18 INR

Malaysia Country Code

Dailing Code +60

Is Malaysia a Country


Malaysia Dollar to INR

18 To 20 INR Rupess

Malaysia Embassy in India

Embassy of Malaysia in Delhi

Malaysia Sights seeing To see

Kl Towers, PETRONAS Tower, Aquaria and Batu canves

Malaysia to India Distance

Flight distance 1,914 miles

Malaysia Ki Rajdhani

Kula Lumpur

Malaysia and India Time Difference

Malaysia to India Time Difference is 2Hour to 30 Mintues

How many Malaysia States

There are 13 States of Malaysia

What is a Malaysia National Animal

National Animal Malayan tiger

What is a Malaysia National Flower

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

What is  a Malaysia Currency Symbol

Malaysia Currency Symbol is RM

Malaysia Best Time to Visit

In India Dec,Jan and Feb is Cooled but Malaysia best time to Visit

Is Malaysia is a Developed Country

Yes Malaysia is Developed Country

Malaysia Visa Photo Size

3.5 Cm × 5 CM

I hope that I was able to tell you correctly which Places to visit in Malaysia, if you want more information about Malaysia, then comment below.

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Malaysia Trip whole Express. All the prices on Google and Toursit website According.

1Flight Ticket India to Malaysia Round Ticket9980
2Visa Fee for Malaysia1400
3Sim for local Internet335
4Bus for Center City200
6KL Tower entry free480
6Aquaria Entry Fee.585
7Pentronas Tower Entry750
8Zoo Nagara Entry fee685
9Kula Lumpur to Genting bus200
10Awana Sky Entry Fee158
11Kula Lumpur Bus ticket200
12Food whole Trip850
13Hostel Cost with Breakfast free1200
14Grand Total of Trip cost17023

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