80 Best Places to visit in Goa

Hi Guys This Post Have Information about 80 Best Places to visit in Goa, How to Reach a Goa, and What are the Places to Visit in Goa. With Distance & Travel Tips

There are 80 Best Places to Visit in Goa.

  1. Baga Beach
  2. Anjuna Beach
  3. Dudhsagar Falls
  4. Aguada Fort
  5. Calangute Beach
  6. Basilica of Bom Jesus
  7. Dona Paula beach
  8. Chapora Fort
  9. Talpona Beach
  10. Ashvem beach
  11. Se Cathedral
  12. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  13. Cabo de Rama
  14. Colva Beach
  15. Vagator Beach
  16. Butterfly Beach
  17. Arambol Beach
  18. Mangueshi Temple
  19. Our lady of the Immaculate Conception Church
  20. Bondla Wildlife sanctuary
  21. Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary
  22. Benaulim Beach
  23. Patnem Beach
  24. Majorda Beach
  25. Shanta Durga Temple
  26. Varca Beach
  27. Agonda Beach
  28. Anjuna Flea Market
  29. Benaulim Beach
  30. Chruch and Covent of St. Francis of Assistance
  31. Goa States Museum
  32. Cola Beach
  33. Miramar Beach
  34. Harlem waterfalls
  35. Querim Beach
  36. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
  37. Bambolim Beach
  38. Utorda Beach
  39. Tropical Spice Plantation
  40. Ozran Beach
  41. Curlies Beach
  42. Vagator Beach
  43. Deltin Royale
  44. Mahadev Temple Tambi Surla
  45. Galgibaga Beach
  46. Casino Pride
  47. Bamanbudo Waterfalls
  48. Saturday Night Market
  49. Sahakari spice Farm
  50. St. Alex’s Church
  51. Titos Lane
  52. Arambol Sweet Water lake
  53. Harvalem Caves
  54. Betul Beach
  55. Casino Palms
  56. Hollant Beach
  57. Morjim Beach
  58. Harmal Beach
  59. Ashwin Beach
  60. Three Kings Chapel
  61. Arossium Beach
  62. Cansavlim beach
  63. Museum of Christian Art
  64. Coco Beach
  65. Mae De Deve Church
  66. Church of St. Augustine Goa
  67. Ancestral Goa Big Foot
  68. Dias Beach
  69. Betalbatim beach
  70. Goa Science Centre & Planetarium
  71. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
  72. Reis Magos Fort
  73. Maruti Temple
  74. Palolem Beach
  75. Wringuinim Beach
  76. Baina Beach
  77. Candolim Beach Road
  78. Museum of Goa
  79. Hollant
  80. Ilha Gran

Goa is a place where a large number of Indians Place to visit. It is not that all the Indians visit this place. Tourists come here to roam here to a large extent by Foreign. Most people come from Russia to roam through Foreign.

In Goa, you will get to see a lot of things, if you are fond of the activities of water sports, then you can do it here. If you want to know about South Indian culture then you can also know that here. The Portuguese in Goa have kept the Portuguese for a long time. Therefore, Portugal, which section of the 17th century it’s building, you will still get to see in Goa. Goa is an Indian state located near the Arabian Sea.

Now I am going to tell you the 80 best places to visit in Goa and I will also tell you how you can roam on these places and how far you can come to roam cheaply in every place. Are from these places.

There is a lot of places to visit in Goa but this is some 80 Best places to visit in Goa.

I have divided Goa into two parts. One is South Goa and one in North Goa. Compared to South Goa, North Goa attracts a large number of tourists.

If you are a solo traveler, there is a group of Boys then you should go to North Goa.

If you are going to visit Goa with your family then you should roam South Goa and whatever you are going on honeymoon, then you have settled South in both places.

Because Goa has the highest number of tourists in North Goa.

The information that I have given to you may have helped you plan a trip.

How to Reach Goa

What are the places you can visit after reaching Goa. All information about this and how far it is all over the place will be found in this post. Here 20 Best Places to visit in Goa. If You Want All the Information about Places to Visit in Goa So Comment Below.

Aguada Fort

This building is beautiful to see and quite a number of tourists go to see this building. The Portuguese build it with lighthouses in the 17th Century. To see this, you will be charged a ticket which charges ₹ 25 per person.

Baga Beach

Baga beach is the best place to is Visit in Goa. Because every tourist goes to Goa, then he would go to this beach. Baga Beach in North Goa. You will get to see most tourists in Baga Beach. If you are fond of nightlife and outside restaurants and This is the best for you. You will get 24 hours to see people in Baga Beach.

Activities:- Water Sports, Nightlife, Festive Atmosphere and Pubs

Anjuna Beach

Anjana beach will see a lot of people to see you, but it is the beach for most water sports activities here.

Activities:- Parasailing, Jet Skiing, and Banana Boat Rentals

Calangute Beach

Calangute beach will also get you to see a lot of people as this beach is in North Goa. What do people come here for more. Because directly bus from the airport. For this reason, too, most people come here. You will also get to do water sport activities easily on the Beach.

Activities:- Water Sports, Boating, Water Skiing & Parasailing

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is 600 Meter Hight Waterfall on the Mandovi River. This place is the best place to visit but less people go. Compared to Baga Beach. The main reason for this is that this place is far away from North Goa.

Activities:- Waterfalls, picnic spot, and Swimming

Basilica Of Bom Jesus

This place is in Old Goa. To see here you will find a church and a beautiful building. This place was built by the Portuguese during his reign. Beautiful building in terms of seeing this building. Basilica of Bom Jesus is the Best Places to visit in Goa.

Activities:- See a Beautiful Building and Explore

Dona Paula Beach

From Dona Pola, you can take an iconic sea View. By the way, you can see the sea from quite a place. But Dona Paula is The Best Place to Visit in Goa. Dona Paula is famous for Ocean View.

Chapora Fort

This place was built by Adil Shah, the Muslim king. After this, after the defeat of Adilshah, this place was occupied by the Portuguese. When the Portuguese took this place, it was named Chapora Fort. By visiting here you will get to see quite a beautiful building of history. And near this Chapora beach you can also see him.

Activities :- Historical Building and Take some Pic

Colva Beach

Colva Beach is Famous for Sprawling, Scenic Beach Front lined With Open-air eateries bars, Nights Life. Colva Beach near Cheapest Hotel.

Activities :- Full Moon Party, Dolphin Spotting and swimming

Distance:- 35 Km From Casino Pride.

Caba de Rama Fort

Cabe de Rama Fort Near Two Popular Beach like Cavelossim Beach and Agonda Beach. After reaching here, you will see historical Rama For

Places to Visit in North Goa

Se cathedral

You will find this place to see in Old Goa. This building was built on the victory of the Portuguese. This building had two towers but one tower has fallen which has not been built yet.

Activities :- Historical Places

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is famous for its golden sand and Mild Waves. It is about 95 km from the International Airport of Goa. Here is the best time of winter from November to March to roam in Arambol Beach.

Arambol Famous:- Golden Sand, Mild Waves, plus Eateries and snack Stands.

Harvalem waterfalls & Caves

You can go at any time to enjoy the waterfall. But The best time to visit is Harvelem Waterfall during the monsoon season. Near this, you get to see the caves of 6 the century. These caves are famous by the name of Pandu’s.

Activities :- swimming, picnic spot, historical Caves, Waterfalls.

Casino Pride

If you are going to Goa, then you will Casino, if you do not go, then you will not be able to give full enjoyment of Goa. As you know, Goa is famous for its party and Casino. Here are Two Casino Name one is Casino Pride and Another One is Casino Pride 2.

Museum of Goa

This building is three-storeyed. This building remains new. In Goa which was formed only in 2015. It is the largest art gallery in India. For some of these reasons, this place is famous for some tourists. And to a large extent tourists go wherever they are.

Activities :- Take pictures

Immaculate Conception Church

Here you will find old bells that have been extracted from the old blocks of Goa. This bell is one of the old 2 Bells of Goa. This Build construction start in 1541. As I told you earlier, Goa had Portuguese rule, at that time the Portuguese built this building.

Activities:- Old Bell

Places to Visit in North Goa

Betalbatim Beach

After reaching the Beach, you can see a lot of Bollywood film sets. Through board that showed you all these sets in 1 hour for ₹ 400.

Saturday Night Market

Saturday Market, as the name itself suggests, this market takes place on Saturday in Goa. If you are in Goa on Saturday then you can go to this market. By going here, you can purchase some goods for the family. Which you will get cheaply there.

Activities:- Take Food, Night Market

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is famous for Boat Trips, dolphins Spotting, Yoga, and also Swimming. Palolem Beach is located in South Goa.

Activities :- Swimming,Yoga, Dolphin

Duration:- Agonda Beach to Palolem Beach is Almost 9 Km

Agonda Beach

Agonda is a famous Valley for Goa. Agonda is one of the 4 beaches. You will find Best Places to Visit in Goa Near. Some popular activities are done here. Agonda Beach is located in South Goa.

Activities:- Yoga, Dolphin Spotting, Hiking, and Meditation.

Distance:- Agonda to Mobar 32 Km

If you have three to four days, then you can go to this place and end the trip to Goa. Because I know that the time of each fellow is important and three to four days to visit Goa ok.

Best South Goa places to Visit

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I hope that here I have given you all the information about 20 Places to Visit in Goa. If you want complete information about these 80 Best Places to Visit in Goa then comment me.

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