Mexico Visa From India

By | January 15, 2020

Hello, guys In this post have a discussion about Mexico Visa From India and Mexico visa on arrival For India. I can solve all the questions about it.

Common information about Mexico

Mexico Local Language:- Spanish

Mexico:- North America Country

Mexico Local Currency:- Mexican peso

Mexico Visa From India

Mexico visa on arrival

If you have a Valid Visa for a Country.

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • UK
  • Schengen Visa

If you have 5 Countries of a Valid Visa So you Can Travel Visa on Arrival for Mexico.

Documents required

Return Ticket
Hotel voucher
Travel Itinerary
Sufficient Money like 50 Dollars per Day/per person.

If you have not A Valid Visa for those Countries So You can Follow a Regular Tourist Visa Process.

Mexico visa requirements for indian citizens

  • Appointment book:-
    And You Receive an Appointment letter on your Email Address.
  • Deposit a Visa Fee and All the Documents like appointment letter and Visa-fee make a printout.
  •  Your passport is a minimum of 6 months Valid and Makes sure it has a 2 Blank paper.
  •  Fort and Backside Photocopy of Passport.
  • Applicants Form
  • One Recent Photograph that is (35×45mm) and This photograph Background Colour is White.
  • Three Months Salary Slip and that salary slip are Stamp By Company Manger.
  •  3Months Bank Statement and That are Signs and Stamp by Bank Manager.
  • Mexico Country only wanted one-year ITR(Income tax return)
  • Travel Plan
  • IF You are Employee so you need a Noc Letter for a Company.
  • If you are Student and anyone can sponsor so you need a sponsorship letter and NOC letter for travel from school/college.
  • If you have a shopkeeper/private business so you can attached a Gst Registration.
  • If you are a newly married couple So you can attach a Married Certification so you have not married certification so you can attached a webbing card and some photography.
  • Fee information click here

Who to Increase a Visa Chance for Mexico for Indian

If you have Some Investment like Fixed Deposit, stock and lIC so you can attach on Visa File.

As you know Mexico is a Europe Country and Mexico share a border of the USA and Many Indian are cross border in legal That why Mexico is Not easily to Take a Visa for Indian.

Make sure all the document name matches.

Make Travel History.

If You travel next County So You have a Visa of that Country

If you can travel of visa on arrival Country so go and show a Flight ticket.

I think so I can provide the information about Mexico Visa From India. IF you have any question so please comment below.

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