Hey guys gonna talk in this post. How do you travel to Indonesia? 12 days that too in the budget of 30000 and also Indonesia Visa For Indians

Basic Information about Indonesia Visa For Indians and Documents Required.

  • You should have a vaild passport which is 6 months vaild.
  • Indonesia Visa on Arrival.
  • Return Ticket
  • Just.like you are free in Thailand, similarly Indonesian is also visa free.
  • For More Information about Indonesia Visa on Arrival For least updated so I suggest a Bali.com

Basic information about a beautiful country of Indonesia.

Indonesia is an Asian country. Total 17000 from Island in Indonesia. Indonesia’s population 273.52 Million. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. The money used in Indonesia is called Indonesian Rupiah.

1 INR = 214 Indonesia Rupiah

 Best places to Visit in Indonesia 

  • Bali
  • Kuta
  • Jakarta
  • Denpasar
  • Penida island
  • Nusa raja Ampat
  • Ubud

And in which post will you know how to see your beautiful place in 30,000 only.

Day 1 in Indonesia

From India, you will arrive at the airport of Denpasar. You will get a visa after arriving at the airport. After this, you can take a bus or taxi which will fall in your hostel.

Do not buy from the airport on the local Sim, because it is very expensive there, you will buy from the local market.

The hostel that you will take on the first day will be taken in Kuta.

Kuta Beach is a 3.4 Km From Kuta city centre.

Indonesia Visa For Indians

Kuta Selatan is a 6.9 Km.

Kuta Beach Image

Why did you go for scooter use in Kuta,ubud Bali, you will get a scooter for 24 hours for ₹ 300.

Day 2 in Indonesia

On the second day, you can go to the Gautam Vishnu Temple. After that You can go To the Ulwata Temple.The back side of this temple is the sea which is also very beautiful. For Night to Enjoy Night Life of Kuta for Finns Branch. This location is 12 Km is Away for Kuta.

Ulun Temple BaliDay 3 in Indonesia

Beginning of the third day, Kuta to Bali. Bali is very famous in India but not many people know that Bali is the part of Indonesia. Famous temple after arriving in Bali. His name is ulun Danu Temple. You can boat here. It is 20 kilometers from Bali. After this I can go Handara Gate. After That you can Visit a Beautiful place that name is Banyumala Waterfall and Banyumala Eco Tourism. If you Skip Bali So You can not Benefit for Indonesia Visa For Indians.

Banyumala Waterfall Bali

Hindrance Gate Bali

Day 4 in Indonesia

On the fourth day you can roam and enjoy the remaining place of Bali. Between this night’s life and Branches.

Day 5 in Indonesia

On the fifth day you can get Ubud from Bali. After reaching ubud, you can give Saraswati Temple and Near Place that name is The Blancs Renaissance. This place covers almost every tourist named Monkey Forest. 15 km from Ubud.

Ubud Bali

Monkey Park Bali

Day 6 in Indonesia

In the six day morning, you can see the Tirta Empul temple. 16 Km from Ubud. After this you can go for Ubud Place. Now in the evening, Ubud returns to Denpasar.

Tirta Empul temple of bali

Day 7 in Indonesia

Together, take a flight from Denpasar and leave for Gili Island. On the seventh day you will see some famous places to visit in Gili Islands.

  • Gili Trawangan
  • Gili Air
  • Gili Memo Island
  • Local Branch
  • Gili Media
  • Jungle bar for Night party

Gili Trawangan Indonesia

Day 8 in Indonesia

On the eighth day you will roam all over this place. In the afternoon you can go to a board party whose online ticket is available. All your activities in this day end.

Gili Meno Beach

Day 9 in Indonesia

If you have not seen some of these places, then explore this place now and in the evening you can come back for Denpasar. Remind That Delhi or other India states to take a Flight of Denpasar for Indonesia Visa for Indians.

Day 10 in Indonesia

On the morning of the tenths day, you will leave for Denspasar to Sanur Island which is 9 kilometers from there.

Popular Places to Visit in sanur Island.

  • Hardy Sanur
  • Sanur Beach
  • Sindhu Beach
  • Le Mayeur Museum
  • Arthamas Express
  • Big Garden Corner

This is some famous place of sanur Island.

Sanur branch Bali

Day 11 in Indonesia

On the eleventh day you can see the remaining places to visit and in the evening you can come back for a Denpasar.

Day 12 in Indonesia

You can roam around in the Denpasar and do some shopping for your family and in the evening you can catch a flight and come back to India.

Bali Places to Visit

  • ulun Danu Temple
  • Handara Gate
  • Banyumala Waterfall
  • Bali Branches

Places to Visit in Kota

  • Gautam Vishnu Temple
  • Ulwata Temple
  • Finns Branch
Some Questions About Indonesia

Indonesia is in which Country

Indonesia is a Asia Country.

Is Indonesia is a county


Indonesia distance from India

Through Car Distance 8912.

Indonesia Embassy in India

Indonesia Embassy in India are New Delhi.

What is the Indonesia new capital

Indonesia New Capital is Jakarta

Indonesia Passport photo Size

Width: 35mm Height: 45mm (35mm×45mm)

I hope I can explain Indonesia Visa for Indians and all the important thing to do in Indonesia like places to Visit in Bali,Places to visit in Kota,Places to visit in Indonesia and also How to can Travel 12 Day Under 30000 rs Budget.

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Now I tell you the cost of everything separately.

1Kolkata to Denpasar Flight15586
2Grab Taxi Book for Hostel200
3local Sim200
42 Days Hostel Denspasar1100
52 Day Hostel Kota560
62 Day Hostel Ubub450
71 Day Denspasar550
82 Gili Island hostel700
92 Day Sanur Island650
10Scooter rent for 8 Day2000
Grand Total of Indonesia trip--------------------+++++27496


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