Hey guys, I’m going to talk about this post about Fiji Country and how can I book tickets for Fiji cheaply? and Fiji Visa For Indians

Fiji Visa for Indians

About a country where Indians can go without taking a visa And the name of that country is Fiji. In this post I will talk about the best place in Fiji. And I will tell how can I book tickets Cheap.If you check online, then you will have to buy Fiji tickets from one to 2 lakh, but I will tell you how can you get tickets from 50000 To 60000 Thousands Fiji.
Although there is plenty to see in Fiji, but these are some of the main places where you can go.Mamanuca Islands,Mana Island,Garden of the Sleeping Giant,Fijis Museum,Kula WILD Adventure Park,Malolo Lailai Islands,South Sea Island,Yasawa Island.

Fiji Visa on Arrival For Indians Document Required

You must have a passport that is 6 Month Vaild.

There is no Visa on Arrival fee for Fiji. (As on Now)

If you are going Visa on Arrival, you will get a 12-day visa.

Return tickets must be confirmed.

You must have Sufficient Amount of Money.

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A little bit of main information about Fiji Country.

Fiji is a Oceania country, it has more than 300 islands.The name of Fiji capital is in Suva. There are some offerical language of Fiji are iTaukei English Fiji Hindi.Fiji Currency Name Fijian Dollar.Compared to Fiji Dollar, the Indian rupee makes about ₹ 33. Like I have told you before that it is Oceania country and you will get to see the island here the most And together you can see about Wildlife on Nature. Fiji’s population is 9.06 Lakh

1Fiji Dollar = 33 Inr almost

There are some popular Places to visit in Fiji.

  • Nadi
  • Suva
  • Yasawa Island
  • Mamanuca Island
  • Tavevni Island
  • Venva lava
  • Denarav Island
  • Vito Levu

How do you book cheap Fiji Tickets?

If you will search online about Fiji tickets, then in the recommendation you will find the name of a place and whose name is Suva (Capital).If you select this City of Fiji and see the flight, then you will get to see flight one to ₹ 2 lakh. If you take a ticket by Nausori Fiji , then you will have a ticket of 54 to 60 Thousands. This is because you have to change 3 fighter to get into Suva And if you take Nausori Flight then for that you will have to change only two Flights. You can do a simple bus journey from Svua to Nausori, which will take you 3 to 4 hours.

Hope you like this flight tip.

If You are planning to Visit in Fiji.If you Fiji Travel Itinerary so comment Below.I will be happy to write a post for you and tell me how was the information of Fiji Visa for Indians.

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Question About Fiji

What is a Fiji Language

Language are iTaukei English Fiji Hindi

What is a Fiji Population

Population 9.06 Lakh


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