Employment letter for Tourist visa

By | January 7, 2020

Hello dear Friends, in this post I will discuss an Employment letter for Tourist visa. I hope You like A post For NOC letter for Visa.

employment letter for tourist visa

Meaning Of NOC letter?

NOC means that No Objection Certificate letter.

This Certificate are Generally Used by Employees and it helps to take a Visa.

NOC letter is Write in Two ways.
1. Addressing the consoler
2. To whom So ever.

Employee Visa

NOC format & Employment letter for a tourist visa

The Visa officer
France high Commission
New Delhi
Sub:- Noc Letter.
Dear.      Sir/madam/Visa officer

And 2 Way It Only writes a To Whom So Ever.

This is to certify that Mr.Navneet Singh (passport No.)is working with Best Travel place in the world limited since December 2019 at the position of General Manager and It is Annual Salary is 10 lakh.

The company has approved the leaves of Mr. Navneet Singh From 27 December to 10 January For his vacation to France. The Company has no Objection for his France Trip.

Mr. Navneet Singh is required to rejoin his duties from 11 January 2020.



Note:- This letter Write on Company letter Head

If you are travel and you need a Covering letter

NOC letter format for visa from college/School Student

student noc letter

No objection certificate format for student
The Visa officer
France high Commission
New Delhi
Sub:- Noc Letter.
Dear:- Sir/madam/Visa officer

This is to certify that Mr. Navneet Singh and it is passport Number is 12335678. This is a Student of class XI in our school. His parents have asked for the approved leaves for their family vacation. To North America from December 25 to 10 January. The School his No Objection his North America Travel and Child is rejoining on 11 January 2020.


Note:- This letter makes on School letter Head

I hope You like a post and.and and also I hope all the questions are related to the Noc letter I can Slove. If you have some Query and Questions So Please Comment Below. I will be Answare AS soon As possible.

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