Hello friends, I am going to talk about this post. Cheapest Countries to Visit from India. If you live in India, then You can full fun by visiting these countries.

I will also tell you that a country where you can become very rich by going, almost ₹ 1 of India is equal to ₹ 200.

In these countries, you can roam freely without tension. Because ₹ rs 1 of India is almost equal to ₹ 200, if you spend500 for them, then India. You will spend rs 2.50 rupees in India. And in this post, I will tell you how you can roam in These Countries with Minimum Budget.

There are some Cheapest Countries to Visit from India

  1. Vietnam
  2. Indonesia
  3. Laos
  4. Thailand
  5. Cambodia
  6. Nepal
  7. Srilanka
  8. Bhutan
  9. Malaysia
  10. Singapore

After seeing this list, you must have thought that Singapore Malaysia is a very expensive country but I have kept it in this list. Because flight tickets to Singapore and Malaysia are cheaper and hotel expenses are less. Therefore, you can also visit Singapore.

Money compare
CountriesCurrency NameINROther Countries
VietnamDong1 INR306
IndonesiaIndonesia Rupiah1 INR205
LaosKip1 INR117
CambodiaRiel1 INR53
NepalNepali rupess1 INR2
SrilankaSrilanka Rupess1 INR3
BhutanBhutan1 INR1
ThailandThai Baht2.40 INR1
MalaysiaRinggit18 INR1
SingaporeSingapore Dollar50 INR1 $

The last country on this list is a bit expensive, but the flight and food there will be a little cheaper, so I have kept this country on this list. Because of the flight from here to Singapore and stay there becomes a little cheaper, so all three countries are kept on the list.

I am going to tell you how you can visit these countries for a minimum amount of money.

To travel in any country, first of all, you need a flight ticket and after that, you have to know where you can go to that country, then in this post, I will tell you where you will go. And how to cover these places, at least in the budget.

I would like to detail you about how you can take the flight cheaply.

As you many people would know from me that India is an Asian country, in the same way, that country has been told to you in the list, it is all Asia Countries. So You Can Travel Cheapest Countries to Visit from India.

If you live near any state of Kolkata, then take a flight from Kolkata itself. Because you will get cheap flights to these countries from Kolkata. Today from Compare to Delhi or Mumbai International Airport.

If you are in any state of India, first you will take a flight of Bangkok (Thailand). Because if you take flight from Kolkata for Bangkok, then some such ₹ 7000 will have a Round flight and Thailand right you can enjoy all these countries. Because all this country is very close to this Thailand. From Thailand, you will find all these country flights in Cheapest.

Here the Cheapest Countries to Visit from India


Places to Visit in Thailand

How do you travel to Thailand?I have given complete information about this for 12 days in the 27000 budget. If you want to take information about it in detail and where you can go, you click on the link


Cambodia Visa For Indians Cambodia is famous for its party and Pub Crawl. If you take a flight from India, then you will get a flight for ₹ 30000 to ₹ 40000. But if you take a flight from Thailand to Cambodia then you will get the round flight for only six thousand to ₹ 7000. So my opinion is that you can travel to Thailand and Cambodia on the same trip. and Cheapest Countries to Visit from India

How can you visit Cambodia for 10 days, that too in the budget of 30000, I have all information about it, Already


Indonesia Visa For Indians Indonesia Country is a group of Islands. Bali is the name of the most visited place in Indonesia country. If you want to search for Bali, then you will find many things to know about Bali. You will also find a lot of historical temples in Bali. If You Want to see Benches and Historical Places So you can Travel an Indonesia. How to travel an Indonesia for 12 Days with 27000 a Whole Information.

Sri Lanka

Places to Visit in Srilanka Srilanka Country is Based on Island. The Capital of Srilanka is Colombo. How to Travel a Srilanka for 10 Days With Rs 25000 Only. If you have a Complete Information about the Srilanka so Please Read


Places to visit in Nepal If you are an Indian, you do not need a passport to travel to Nepal. If you have an Aadhar card with only one voter card then you can go to Nepal. Nepal is very close to India and also buses from Nepal to Delhi or Mumbai. Now the bus through can also go to Nepal. Cheapest Countries to Visit from India. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. How can you travel around Nepal for a full 17000 budget in 7 days?


There is plenty of places to visit in Malaysia, but the specialty of Malaysia is the name Twins Tower which is the world’s largest Twins Tower. The name is PETRONAS Tower. India to Direct Flights of Malaysia that Why Cheapest Countries to Visit from India. Travel a  Malaysia for 7 Days with 17000 How you Can Travel for Information Click here.


A lot of people go for a trip to Singapore and you will get to see the most tours in Singapore itself. Singapore is a slightly more expensive country for Indians as Singapore’s ₹ 1 is around ₹ 50 for India. But if you want to move around for less money. I have described complete information about him.


You will get a cheap flight from Thailand to Vietnam so that you can also travel to Vietnam and my opinion is that you should also travel to Vietnam along with Thailand. For more information about Vietnam Places to Visit

If You More information about three Countries like Vietnam, Bhutan, and loas. Where are Travel and What Thing To do there? Comment Below I Make a Post Shortly.

There are Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Visit from India. and Cheapest Countries to Visit for Indian.

If You Have More information about Cheapest Countries to Visit from India so Please Comment Below. I will Answer Shortly.

There are some My Favourite Countries to travel Cheapest Countries to Visit from India

  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Nepal
  • Srilanka

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