Cambodia Visa For Indians &Best Time to Visit

Welcome to our new post in this post i will discuss about Cambodia Visa For Indians & Cambodia Visia on arrival For indian and Also Share How to Book a Cheap Flight of Cambodia.

If You are a Indian So you can Travel a Cambodia Without visa. Take a Flight and Pay some Amount of Money .

Some Basic Information about Cambodia Visa on Arrival For Indian.

You Should have a Passport and That passport is Vaild For 6 Months.

Return Ticket Confirmed.

Visa on arrival Fee of Cambodia is 30 Dollar.

Sufficant Amount of Money are carry For a Trip. That depend own your Trip.

Tip :- No Need to Change the Currency beacause Cambodia in Everywhere Accepted Dollar like Local Shop,Bar,Taxi and Hotel.

Basic Information About the Country of Cambodia.

Cambodia in which Country?

Cambodia is a Southeast Asia Country.

What is the Capital of Cambodia?

The Cambodia of Capital is Phnom Penh.

What is Cambodia currency?

Cambodian Currency name is Cambodian Riel.

Where is Cambodia Hindu Temple?

Many of Hindu Temple in Cambodia but the Famous Hindu Temple name is Ankur Wata.

Where Cambodia Located?


Best Cambodia place to Visit.

Many of Place to visit in Cambodia But there are Some Famous places like Siem Reap, Phrom Penh and Sihanouk Villa.

What is the population of Cambodia?

The population of Cambodia is 1.6 Crores.

Cambodia Currency to INR.

5.86 Cambodian Riel = 1 INR.

Which cambodia dating app?

Dating App is Badoo

Which taxi are you from Cambodia?

Some Famous Taxi app in Cambodia are Passapp Taxi and Grab.

First thing to do book a Fight.If you book For Flight of Cambodia and you can see.The price of Flight in Around 30,000 to 45000 rs. I will provide you Information who to travel for Cambodia under 33000 thousand Budget With Flights Ticket.

Day 1 Itineary of Cambodian and Cambodia Visa for Indians

I support that you have arrived at the International Airport of Cambodia. First of all, you have to take Visa on Arrival and pay $ 30 fee.After this you can take a bus or taxi which will follow you in the hostel.

Cambodia Visa For Indians

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Would like to adjust you in some hostels.

Mad Monkey Hostel are Various Event organised.
Funky Flashpacker Hostel.

The according of my trip that I had taken hostel was the taxi fare for her at Mad Monkey. $ 10 if it felt. You will have to purchase a mobile SIM which will be available for ₹ 350.In the evening you can enjoy a Pool Party which is held in Mad Monkey itself.In this way your first day will end.

Day 2 Travel Itinerary Of Cambodia & Cambodia Visa For Indians

At the beginning of 2 day, you can give a Historical temple of Cambodia named is Ankur Wat.Its entry ticket will cost you around ₹ 2800.To get here, you have to buy a tuktuk by which you will get for 15 to $ 20.According of India Money which will be your fare will be 1380 To 1800 rupees your arrival will be the fare.In this way your 2nd day will end.

Day 3 Travel Itinerary For Cambodia & Cambodia Visa for Indians

Beginning the Third day, you will see the remaining Historical Temple like Krong Battambag,Krong Kaeb and Tonle Sap The back Side of Lake.In Evening you can go to Walking Street.And by going there you can have a party drink. Drunk girls can have fun and plenty.

Day 4 Itineary of Cambodia & Cambodia Visa for Indians

At the beginning of the fourth day, first of all you will go to see the local market and see the side scene.And at 5:00 pm the party at Pub Crawl will begin. At night you will go out for a walking Street with your pub crawl group and Enjoy Night Life and Adult Life in Cambodia.

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Day 5 Itinerary Of Cambodia & Cambodia Visa For Indians

It would start for 5 days, she went in the afternoon because now the party will be tired by night and the rest will do it. And on the fifth day you can now go to the World Best 3D trick art museum. And which is its entry fee which is ₹ 765.And in this way your fifth day will be over.

Day 6 Itineary of Cambodia Trip

At the beginning of Six day you have to go, Siam Reap to Phnom Penh.318 km distance from the Siam Reap. The bus fare for this will be 9 to $ 12.Day 7And together in the day you export Phnom Penh because it is the capital of Cambodia.The things that revolve around here are as follows.

  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
  • Royal Place & Sliver Pagoda
  • Central Market
  • Daughter of Cambodia Vistor Center
  • National Museum

These are some famous things to do in Phnom Penh.

Day 8 Itineary of Cambodia Trip

From the beginning of the Einght day. you can go for Choeung Ek Killing Filed which is 15 kilometres away.1 to 2 million people were killed on the According to history. You can also visit Tuol Sleng. After that You can Visit Those places Which You cannot Visit.

Day 9

After this, now you can take a bus to Preah Sihanouk Villa at a distance of 230 kilometers.According to me you can spend 2 days here because there are so many Beach places to see here.

  • Otres Beach
  • Lazy Beach
  • Independence Beach
  • Bamboo Island
  • Sokha Beach

Day 10 Itineary of Cambodia Trip

You will spend 2 days to visit all these places, after that you can return to India for 10 days.Before disclosing all these expenses, I want to tell you that How to book a Cheap Flight of Cambodia.

For this, the first thing you need to take a flight is that you can take a flight from Kolkata to Bangkok (Thailand).After reaching Bangkok, you can take a flight to Bangkok to Siam Reap International Airport.

The cost of visiting Cambodia is as follows.

1Flight Kolkata to Bangkok(Thailand)6982
2Flight Bangkok to Kong Siam Reap (Cambodia)5490
3Visa on arrival (25$)2245
4Sim Cost350
5Mad Money Hostel for 5 Days1500
6Anku wat Entry Fee of Temple2270
7Pub Crawl ($ 10)740
8World Best 3D Trick Art Museum765
9Bus Siem Reap to Phnom Penh Fare750
10Hostel Phnom Penh Express 3 Day675
11Bus Phnom Penh to Sihanouk Villa600
12Sihanouk Villa Hostel 1 Day400
13Bus Sihanouk Villa to Siam Reap1650
14Food Expenses4500 for 10 Days
15Taxi For Local Site Seen3800
16Grand Total of Cambodia Trip33157

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I hope I can Explain all the thing about Cambodia Visa for Indians and Cambodia Visa on arrival , Cambodia Evisa.

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