Best Places to Visit in Thailand & 10 Tour Plan

In this post I am going to talk about how you can visit Thailand? That too in a budget of 30000 for 12 days. And Also Best places to Visit in Thailand

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Some information about Thailand.

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. The currency used in Thailand is called Thai Baht.The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.Thailand’s population is 69.80 million.

1 Thai Bhat = 2.30 Rupees

Some famous destination in Thailand.

  • Phi phi Island
  • Bangkok
  • Phuket
  • Pattaya

Now I am going to tell you how you can spend 12 days in all these places, that too on a budget of 30000

Best Places to Visit In Thailand Day & Day Tour Plan

Day 1 in Thailand

Will go to Thailand from India. Now the Bangkok will arrive at Don Mueang International Airport.After reaching the International Airport, you guys will go to purchase a local Sim.After this you can book a taxi when bus to your hostel.After this you can go to Nana Plaza at night.You are famous for the Bangkok for nightlife and adult life.

SIM Price = 340

Taxi App = Grab

Day 2 in Thailand

You can start the second day With the temple that name is Grand Place And Emerald Budda. In Afternoon You can enjoy Safari World & Marine Park . In Night you can Go and Enjoy Doi Cowboy and Take Some Drink. Nano Plaza & Di Cow bay is Famous For Night Life and Best Places to Visit in Thailand in the Terms of Night life & Adult Life.

Day 3 in Thailand

On the third day you can go to the kidzania.After this you can go under water Aquarium.Thailand famous for their massage and in the evening can get massaged and Sea life ocean & Madam Tussad.In the evening, you can go to Phuket by catching a bus. The Bus highlight of Thailand is that you will get all the facilities inside it. Just like you will get food in the bus, you will get water, you will get a toilet.

There are some My Best Places to Visit in Thailand.

Day 4 in Thailand

After reaching Phuket, you can take a bus to your hostel Or can you take a scooter on rent? Scooter will be available for your 460 rent, which you can return after 24 hours.

Pertrol Cost = 60 Per liter

After this you can go to Tiger Kingdom.You can get photographed with the real tiger by visiting Tiger Kingdom.There is a car racing show near the Tiger Kingdom. After this, now we can go to see the temple of Big Buddha. In night You can Enjoy Patnog Beach.

Tiger Kingdom

Big Buddha Image

Day 5 in Thailand

Like I went to Phi phi Island Tour on the fifth day. That way you can also go for a Phi phi Island tour. You will get this tour from Phuket in which you can visit Phi phi Island by paying ₹ 2000. In it you will get pick and drop and to food and do activities. After coming back from the tour you can go to Bangla Walking Street.

Phi phi Island

Walking Street

Day 6 in Thailand

At 6, you will start the day by exporting the local market of the Phuket. In the evening, the bus will be caught and Pattaya from Phuket.

Day 7 in Thailand

Walking in Pattaya is cheap. From the rest of the money, like Bangkok and Phuket. Pattaya also famous for his nightlife. First of all you can go to Mimosa Pattaya. After this you can go under Pattaya

Day 8 in Thailand

On the eighth day you will go for an Island Hopping Pattaya. You can get this tour online for ₹ 3200. In which you get to transport food and activities. It is a full day trip.

Day 9 in Thailand

First of all, go to the Coral Island Tour.The cost of the Tour is ₹ 700, in which you will get transport,you will get food and you will get a guide. After this, Khao Akheow Open Zoo can now be visited.

Day 10 in Thailand

You can visit this place on the tenth day.

  • Art of Paradise Pattaya
  • Mini Siam Pattaya
  • Upside down Pattaya
  • In Night to enjoy Walking street.
Art of Paradise Pattaya

Upside Down Pattaya

Day 11 in Thailand

11 days you can go to this special place.

Frost Magical Ice of Siam
Pattaya Dolphin world

Frost Magical Ice of Siam

Cartoon Network Amazone

Day 12 in Thailand

12 day can return to Bangkok from Pattaya. Coral Island & Phi Phi Island Is Best Places to Visit In Thailand in The Team of Island in Thailand.

Must Places to Visit in Bangkok

  1. The Grand Place and Emerald Budda
  2. Safari park & Marine Park
  3. Kidzania
  4. Thai Massage
  5. Sea life Ocean & Madam Tussad
  6. Nana Plaza For Night Life.
  7. Doi Cowboy For Night Life.

Must places to Visit in Pattaya

  1. Mimosa Pattaya
  2. Under water World Pattaya
  3. Island Hopping
  4. Khao Kheow Open Zoo
  5. Coral Island
  6. Art in Paradise
  7. The Sanctuary of Truth
  8. Dolphin World
  9. Cartoon Network Amazone
  10. Walking Street For Night Enjoy.

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1Kolkata To Bangkok Flight6982
2SIM Cost340
3Safari World & Marine Show1200
4Kid Zaina1616
5Thai massage425
6Bus Bangkok to Phuket1400
7Hostel Cost for 3 Night615
8Tiger kingdom Show1200
9Phi phi Island Tour2050
10Bus Phuket to Pattaya1900
11Hostel cost of Phuket465
12Mimosa Pattaya180
13Under water world Pattaya625
14Khao sokheow Open Zoo421
15Coral Island Tour750
16Art of Paradise843
17Mini Siam750
18Pattaya Dolphin Show650
19Bus Pattaya to Bangkok380
20Pattaya Hostel Cost
For 5 Night
22Bus,taxi for local Site seen1500
23Grand Total of Thailand Trip27000

Question and Answer about Thailand

Thailand Best Time To Visit

Thailand All the Months are Best to Visit In Thailand.

Thailand in which Country

Thailand is Southern Asia Country

Thailand Famous For

Thailand is Famous For Historical Places, Nightlife and Tourism Places.

Thailand embassy in India.

Thailand embassy in New Delhi.

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